Atalanta-Napoli, Ospina out due to injury: he took a blow to the head and lost a lot of blood

Frost in Bergamo for the bad injury remedied by Ospina at 30 'of Napoli-Atalanta. On the developments of a corner kick for Atalanta, Caldara came in contact with Mario Rui and then collapsed on the goalkeeper of the bells.

Ospina received a bad blow to the head, stayed four minutes on the ground, lost a lot of blood and was then rescued by the Napoli medical staff.

Since there were no fans, because the game was held behind closed doors, the Colombian goalkeeper was applauded by everyone, including Atalanta's players, when he left the field on a stretcher.

Ospina is really unlucky with these blows to the head, something similar had happened also last year during the match against Udinese.

Last year, the visits excluded any problems for the Colombian goalkeeper: the diagnosis was of a vagal crisis that resolved within a few hours.

The vagal syndrome is manifested by a fainting of the subject. The causes can be different, but it is not usually nothing serious, but a form of defense for the heart.

After the hospital checks, Ospina returned to her home in Naples and remained in complete rest for two days. The doctors advised him to skip the call of the Colombian national team so as not to undergo excessive stress and everything went well.

We still don't know what the Napoli goalkeeper had today but we will find out after the medical tests.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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