Antenucci, a controversial farewell to Spal on Instagram: “Someone didn’t want to end my career in Ferrara …”

Antenucci, addio polemico alla Spal su Instagram: “Qualcuno non ha voluto terminassi la mia carriera a Ferrara…”

Antenucci rejoices after a goal scored with the Spal jersey. Photo

FERRARA – Mirco Antenucci greeted Spal after three seasons full of emotions enhanced by 109 appearances with 36 goals. Antenucci was among the protagonists of the promotion in Serie A and of two memorable salvages in the top flight. All nice less than goodbye. Antenucci greeted Spal fans before moving to Bari in Serie C, attacking "Someone who didn't want me to end my career in Ferrara …". Below, in full, is the post of the now former Spal bomber.

Antenucci, post on Instagram for Spal fans before moving to Bari.

"What I experienced in Ferrara was a piece of life that came into me and will never come out of my mind and my heart. You have adopted me since the day of the presentation at the castle, from there I wrote and wrote the story. Wearing the captain's armband for a year and a half and representing the team and the city was a great responsibility of which I was proud.

I always put the Spal first of all. I had expressed the desire to end my career with this shirt. I stated that I didn't want to wear another one. It was what I felt and wanted. But it won't be like that. Someone did not want the same thing, the same ending of a beautiful story, and made me understand that I was no longer included in the project. In football there is not always gratitude and for the sake of Spal I have stepped aside.

I never thought there could be a goodbye but it did. We have come a long way together and no one could imagine what would have happened. We started cultivating hopes of salvation in B, as newly promoted. We greet each other after 36 goals, three extraordinary seasons, a historical promotion that brought the club back to Serie A. Thanks to a city that embraced my family making it feel at home, where my girls Camilla and Sofia grew up: them and my wife Eleonora love Ferrara. I want to thank so many people.

The Colombarini family, an example of humility and sacrifice. Alessandro Andreini, team manager and a special guy, the physiotherapists Daniele, Maurizio, Matteo and Piero, the two super kitmen Marco and Tommy, the Dott. Paolo and Raffaella, Alessandro the gardener, the legendary Luca Pozzoni, Davidone the great, Roby Rizzati and Gabriele Anania, the friends I had the pleasure of meeting outside of football and all my former teammates.

You wonderful fans who made me feel like your King. From the first to the last goal, from the first to the last race under the West. There is no goodbye for people who love each other. Mirco 7 ″.

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