Alex Zanardi: “I survived with less than a liter of blood in my body”

Alex Zanardi, Ansa

Alex Zanardi (photo Ansa)

ROME – “I was also the subject of studies because I survived with less than a liter of blood in my body for 50 minutes. Fortunately it went like this and now we are here talking about it. I am proud to have subverted the prediction, but it belongs to the past and there is a future that I am still rewriting ”. Alex Zanardi , interviewed by the Press, tells himself:

"Each of us has his own way of reacting, which almost always surprises us too: they had told me before, maybe I would have thought that I would have killed myself, which I didn't think of. My case is not the only one and it is not even rare ”.

Zanardi will be back on track at the Super Gt Dream Race, in Japan. At 53, he continues to give opponents a hard time. "Strength and endurance, at their maximum level, at my age, I already have them behind me … I can only think of losing as little as possible with training and a right lifestyle. This does not mean having a losing attitude: I put my experience to good use, but when I am in the last few meters I tear my shoulders to gain a centimeter ”In the interview, he remembers the anger after being beaten by Schumacher:

"It was the final in Sweden: me and Orsini, another driver, we fought for the whole race in the first places, then he tried to overtake and we flew out. I tried to restart the go-kart by pushing it, but I couldn't. Schumacher emerged from the last corner and went on to win. It left me so angry because it was a championship already won. Then Schumi was one of many, who often came after us ".

Source: La Stampa.

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