Adele Grisendi: “My black and white heart in a book”

Adele Grisendi: "Il mio cuore bianconero dentro un libro"

Adele Grisendi: "My black and white heart in a book" (photo Ansa)

TURIN – A passion born from an early age, born from the imagination of a little girl who watched the games on a TV that her paternal grandfather bought in 1956. Two players with the black and white striped shirt enchanted her: their names were Omar Sivori , said the 'Cabezon', the playmaker who hypnotized goalkeepers and defenders performing with his socks lowered on his ankles, and John Charles, the Welsh bomber.

Since then Adele Grisendi's passion for Juve, author of 'My heart black and white' – the book published by Rizzoli and on newsstands since 30 April – has remained intact. Although adolescence, life choices, work and interests have prevailed. But the Calciopoli tornado has awakened ancient love. "Can a little girl fall in love with a soccer team?", Is the question that the author asks herself. The answer lies in history and in that TV that entered the house.

Adele Grisendi, here is the author of the book "My heart is black and white".

Adele Grisendi was born in Montecchio Emilia (Reggio Emilia) in 1947. For years she was a director of the CGIL. After Giù le mani, male, he published Bellezze in bicycle, a finalist in the Premio Bancarella 2002, La famiglia rossa, Baciami piccina and L'amore mancato. The bride betrayed (2009) came out with Rizzoli and I didn't choose (2012).
Sources: Ansa and Rizzoli.

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