Absurd in Ferrara, VAR monitor does not work but referee gives penalty against Juventus

Spal-Juventus, rigore: monitor var non funziona, arbitro lo dà contro la Juve

Spal-Juventus, the var monitor does not work but the referee still awards the penalty against the bianconeri (freeze Sky Sky)

FERRARA – Sensational in Ferrara. During the second half of Spal-Juventus, on the score of two to zero for the bianconeri with goals by Cristiano Ronaldo and Aaron Ramsey, the referee decided to review a controversial episode at the VAR.

At normal speed, he had not awarded the penalty to Spal for a foul by Rugani against Missiroli. Then he was called to order by his assistants who were in front of the monitors in the var room so he decided to consult the monitor placed on the sidelines in the first person.

Spal-Juventus, does the VAR monitor not work? It is however rigor against the bianconeri.

When he went to see him he had an unpleasant surprise. The VAR monitor was not working. It was offside. So he was in front of an unusable monitor. He must have thought, what do I do now? It is almost comical to decide after seeing nothing. If you had doubts before, how did you clear them up now?

The referee was forced to trust the impressions of his assistants and gave the hosts a penalty kick. Petagna scored it and set the result on the final two to one for Juventus.

Today is the eighth penalty kick against Juventus (this is the record of the season). Only Lecce, Genoa, Turin and Udinese have suffered as many. The other two contenders for the Scudetto? Lazio suffered only two penalties (minimum seasonal record) while Inter suffered just three.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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