Zoe Cristofoli-Theo Hernandez new couple? The footballer would have broken up with Elisa De Panicis

Zoe Cristofoli-Theo Hernandez nuova coppia? Il calciatore avrebbe rotto con Elisa De Panicis

Zoe Cristofoli would be the new flame of Theo Hernandez. In the past, the footballer has been compared to Elisa De Panicis (photo from Instagram)

MILAN – Milan footballer Theo Hernandez would have a new flame. It would be the fashion influencer Zoe Cristofoli. The photo of Fabrizio Corona's ex came out on the weekly 'Oggi', in the company of the footballer. Until a few weeks ago, according to what was written by the gossip magazines, Hernandez would have had a relationship with Elisa De Panicis , a competitor of Big Brother Vip.

The curtain on Theo Hernandez and Elisa De Panicis during Big Brother Vip.

It all started when Elisa revealed how Andrea Denver flirted with her inviting her to the hotel: "He asked me to join me to get a massage." At that point Alfonso Signorini, dismissing the two, gave a gem of gossip: "It is not a gentleman to say that with her there were only four tr … ate and hello", referring to the flirtation passed between the two, told in the house by the same Denver.

"And then our Elisa already has a busy heart, she is engaged to the Milan full-back Theo Hernandez". She replied: "Oh noooo, Alfonso, nooo, you shouldn't have said that!".

Wanda Nara, commentator on the program, commented: "Theo is a very strong player, I am only sorry for Mummy who sees his Elisa courted by many men". Mummy is the nickname given to Aristide Malnati who, by his own admission, would have lost his head for De Panicis. (Source: GREAT VIP BROTHER).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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