Zidane wants Mbappé, Real Madrid ready to offer 280 million to the PSG

Zidane vuole Mbappé, Real Madrid pronto ad offrire 280 milioni al Psg

Zidane wants Mbappé, Real Madrid ready to offer 280 million to Psg (from France Football)

MADRID – Last summer, Zidane surprised everyone by leaving Real Madrid after winning the third consecutive Champions League. The French coach had said to leave the bench for the good of Real Madrid: "A change is necessary" "This team must continue to win and we need a change. We need another working methodology and for this I made this decision "" The players need a change, I want to thank them because they are the ones who are fighting on the field. The history of this club is great but we always ask more and more players. This is why after three years we need to change. No I talked to the staff, I will then talk to the players and I have already spoken to Captain Sergio Ramos “.

Zidane wants Mbappé, Real Madrid ready to please him

Summing up, Zidane had decided to leave Real Madrid because he understood that it would be impossible to win the Champions League for the fourth year in a row. Had he remained, he would have had everything to lose and could have ruined his image as a coach and his resume. A few months later, Real Madrid exempted two coaches and failed all seasonal goals. The blancos are out of the scudetto fight, they have been eliminated from the Spanish cup by Barcelona and have been eliminated from the Champions League at the hands of Ajax. At this point, Zidane has decided to return.

He returned with a dominant position because he showed that without him one cannot win in Madrid. For this reason, he asked for extensive guarantees on the next market . It will take stellar players to bring Real Madrid back on the roof of Europe. According to France Football writes, only Kylian Mbappé will be offered almost 300 million euros (280 to be exact). And they might not be enough because the PSG needs everything less than money. In short, it will not be an easy market but Real Madrid will certainly be among the absolute protagonists.

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