Zeman: “Women’s football in Italy? Here, women are in the kitchen … “. Carolina Morace is furious

Zeman: "Calcio femminile in Italia? Da noi le donne stanno in cucina...". Carolina Morace si infuria

Zeman talked about women's football sparking a sea of ​​controversy. Carolina Morace didn't take it well … (photo Ansa)

ROME – "Let's see if women's football can take a step forward, it is also a problem of culture, usually in Italy women are in the kitchen: I don't know if this is serious, it is certain that males must eat …". Zdenek Zeman said so, speaking on the sidelines of the Gold Bench award ceremony today at the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano.

"Certainly – explained the Bohemian coach – women's football today is in great development in Italy, I saw last year's participation in the World Cup. We hope it goes further. In Italy there is the problem of men's football, women always followed in football. "

The blow and response between Carolina Morace and Zeman on women's football.

Carolina Morace replied harshly to Zeman, his statements are reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport: “Zeman's words? They seem to me an offense more to men than to women. The real problem is that these talks are still being heard in 2020. I have been to countries like Canada and Australia and of course this type of speech does not exist.

As long as in Italy when you go to see a race instead of saying name, role, position on the field, you will think of something else, we will always remain a people of ignorants and therefore I also put Zeman in this mentality. Italy late? My generation was twice vice-champion of Europe, we played well, and then I ask myself: didn't the managers of the time understand that people liked that type of football? ".

Zeman's counter-reply always to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “I didn't want to offend them, on the contrary… I wanted to say the exact opposite. In Italy they are seen this way but it is not fair because women's football is making huge steps forward in our country too … "(sources ANSA and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

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