Zeman tells: “Here’s how I discovered Verratti and Insigne”

Zeman tells: "Here's how I discovered Verratti and Insigne" (photo Ansa)

Zeman tells: "Here's how I discovered Verratti and Insigne" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, Zdenek Zeman talks about Marco Verratti and Lorenzo Insigne, launched by him in Italian football and now opponents in the Champions League.

"Insigne – says Zeman – I saw in the Primavera of Napoli impressed me with technique and speed of execution and I wanted him in Foggia in Lega Pro in 2010, he was 19 years old. He scored 19 league goals in the season and 7 in the Italian cup. I had him, Farias, Sau … a nice team. And I took him to Pescara the following year ".

"Verratti was 19 years old – he continues – he suffered a lot of summer preparation, so much so that at the beginning he did not leave the owner, but as soon as he was ready, I did not take it anymore: it was difficult for a game and technical vision to see him make a mistake".
Buffon told the Gazzetta that as for the filtering passages Verratti has nothing to envy to Neymar … "Why does Neymar never lend the ball to anyone?".
Stronger even than Modric? "Yes, for me, yes".
His "Lorenzolo" is experiencing a golden moment.
"In the first years in Naples they ran him and defended him for the whole band. He is an attacker, he must always remain near the door. In my feet he has more than 20 goals ".
Was the best Insigne seen with her, Sarri or Ancelotti?
"With me in Pescara scored 18 goals and made 14 assists. Ask Immobile how many goals he made him … He was the best player in the league even if the Serie B is different from A. With Sarri did well, but with him you play a touch, always leaning, while in Insigne like to skip the man, in that it is phenomenal. With Ancelotti has some more freedom, the important thing in any case is that you face the attacker and always look at the door ".
Against the Psg he will be in front of Marquinhos, whom she made a child debut.
"He was wearing the device, he was 18, he was a kid but he had an impressive speed and already a great personality. I immediately put him on the field. Today it is among the top in the world in its role. He is the owner of Brazil, he has played in the PSG for 5 years, he is 24 years old: what should he do more at his age? ".

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