Zaniolo’s mother: “Did the Lazio people insult me? Nicolò replied on the field “

Mamma Zaniolo insulti laziali Instagram Nicolò ha risposto in campo

Francesca Costa, the mother of Nicolò Zaniolo, in one of her Instagram photos

ROME – Before and during the derby , Zaniolo's mother was insulted by the Lazio people with the choir: "Zaniolo's mother is a p …, Zaniolo's mother is a p …, Zaniolo's mother, Zaniolo's mother, Zaniolo's mother is a p … ". Francesca Costa has decided to answer him through the following post on Instagram: "To the insults you have answered on the field in the best possible way, I am proud of you".

Zaniolo's mother is proud of her son's performance in the Rome derby.

In fact, Zaniolo had the maturity of not being influenced by the insults against his mother, the baby phenomenon of the Giallorossi played an extraordinary match and Sky Sport decided to reward him as "best in the field" in the Capital derby.

Zaniolo did not score but played a practically perfect performance. He almost always missed his direct scorer creating numerical superiority for his team and hit two poles with extraordinary play. He released himself with his magical left-footed shot and struck Strakosha twice on the post.

This performance in the derby was needed precisely because Zaniolo had just collected, without making controversy, the Italian national coach Roberto Mancini's punishment that had decided to move him back to the Under 21 team due to his unprofessional behavior during the last European championship under 21 in Italy.

Zaniolo was not the only one to be punished. Roberto Mancini also took the same step with Moise Kean. Even the former Juventus striker had behaved badly like Zaniolo during the last European championship under 21.

The Giallorossi baby phenomenon has renewed its contract and remained in Rome while Moise Kean was sold by Juventus. The bianconeri were not convinced of him from the behavioral point of view and sold him in the Premier League to the English of Everton.

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