Zaniolo, the return to goals with Roma but also the dispute with Dessena. The Brescia player: “Go away phenomenon”

Brescia was not a trivial afternoon for Nicolò Zaniolo . The Roma player returned to goal after a long injury but was also the protagonist of a dispute in the middle of the field with Dessena and Torregrossa. Here because.

Zaniolo scored a great goal. His left edge was really amazing. But it was a goal that was essentially useless because Roma was already two goals ahead of a team practically relegated to Serie B.

After the goal Zaniolo exulted at Ibrahimovic, opening his arms as if he were God. The gesture was not liked at all by opponents practically passed off. The Brescia players have interpreted this exultation as a lack of respect for them.

The first to attack Zaniolo was Torregrossa. Immediately after the expert Dessena arrived in defense of his teammate: “Phenomenon, go away from here. You have a career ahead, don't do the phenomenon. "

The referee intervened to separate the players. Everything came back after Zaniolo apologized to the Brescia players. Evidently he realized he was wrong but he was too happy to have returned to the goal after more than two hundred days. Being wrong is human, not apologizing is unacceptable. Zaniolo apologized and everything ended in the best way.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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