Zaniolo returns with Sara Scaperrotta, with Elisa Visari it didn’t last long …

Zaniolo torna con Sara Scaperrotta, con Elisa Visari è durata poco...

Nicolò Zaniolo is back with Sara Scaperrotta after the parenthesis with Elisa Visari (Instagram photo)

ROME – Nicolò Zaniolo and Sara Scaperrotta are back together. The couple, after spending the Christmas holidays in Dubai, had experienced a period of crisis. During this stall, Zaniolo has attended Elisa Visari, as shown by a story published on Instagram by the young phenomenon of Rome and the Italian national football team, but now Nicolò has returned with his old flame (also in this case, he has informed about this gossip news through his Instagram profile).

Zaniolo will not be there because he is injured but Roma play everything in the Europa League.

“Here in Rome there is a negativity that I don't understand. The first thing I was told by many people when I arrived is that it is very difficult here because there is a lot of pressure. But pressure exists everywhere, here it becomes an excuse. " So the Roma coach Paulo Fonseca on the eve of the first leg of the Europa League 16mi against Gent tomorrow at the Olimpico .

“If a coach does not want to have pressure, he cannot train great teams that want to win, he cannot coach Roma – explains Fonseca – Pressure exists everywhere, and for me this is not a problem. I am here and I am ready for this and I know well that when you don't win the criticism increases. It is no different from what happens elsewhere, but here it becomes an excuse because it is said that in Rome it is very difficult "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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