Zaniolo, operation successful: “I can’t wait to go back”

Zaniolo, operation

The photo published by Nicolò Zaniolo

ROME – “Today, Nicolò Zaniolo underwent the autologous reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee and the suture of the lesion of the external meniscus. The surgical operation performed at Villa Stuart by Prof. Mariani and in the presence of the AS Roma Health Manager, Dr. Causarano, is technically successful. The footballer will begin the rehabilitation phase from tomorrow. Come on Nicolò! ". With this message, Roma communicated the positive outcome of the intervention to which the Giallorossi midfielder had to undergo today after the injury suffered during the match against Juve. And a few moments later, Zaniolo's message also arrived: “Thank you all for the affection you have transmitted to me in these hours. I can't wait to go back . Go Rome ❤ ".

The words of Zaniolo's mother.

Speaking to's microphones, Nicolò Zaniolo's mother, Francesca Costa, revealed a background about her son.
“He was desperate, crying like a child – he said – after the game, however, Alessandro Florenzi came home. He brought crutches and croissants, put ice on his knee. He told him that you shouldn't worry because a crusader injury is over, then they started joking and Nicolò is back to the usual one. " A gesture of great humanity, that of the Giallorossi captain, who knows what it is like to be seriously injured. In addition, Mum confirmed Zaniolo's intention to try to recover in time for the European championship, even if it is too early to do such calculations: "He told me 'I will do everything I can to get back as soon as possible, in I want to be national. ' Nicolò is like that, he won't give up. President Pallotta called him but many wrote to him, from Modric to Dybala up to Balotelli who sent him an audio ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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