Zaniolo in the storm, cigarette in a disco and photos with fans without social distancing

Zaniolo in the storm for a viral video on the web that would portray him in a well-known disco in Rome with a cigarette in his mouth and without respecting the social distancing.

The conditional is a must because, in this video that runs on social media, you see a guy who looks like Zaniolo but there is no certainty about it ( click here to see the video ).

According to what Corriere dello Sport writes, his identity would have been verified through photos that the Roma player would have taken with fans (without social distancing).

Zaniolo was not obliged to wear a mask because this disco, the Mythos of Villa Borghese, is outdoors but was instead required to respect social distancing.

Social storm on the Roma player a few hours after the Banega case.

The Roma player ended up in the storm like Banega but there is a substantial difference between the two situations.

Mythos measured everyone's fever before they entered the disco, so theoretically there was no risk. While in the disco where Banega was located, ten cases of coronavirus positive people were found.

Some Roma fans attacked Zaniolo on social networks because according to them it is not prudent to expose themselves to these gatherings during the coexistence phase with the coronavirus.

Also because the Giallorossi are expected from three important matches, the two away matches from Turin to close the championship in fifth place and the challenge from inside or outside against Sevilla in the Europa League.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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