Zaniolo during live on Instagram: “Anthem of Lazio brings bad luck”

ROME – Nicolò Zaniolo's show during a live broadcast on Instagram with his friend Gaspare Galasso .

The latest fad of footballers is to play Fifa or other football video games online.

While there are games, players chat with each other and with fans who post comments in the meantime.

During this live, Zaniolo's friend teased him by singing to the notes of the Lazio anthem.

“Fly, Galassicos (his social nickname) in the sky. Fly … ".

Rome 's baby phenomenon is ready :

"What a joke! Look what bad luck, it makes you score four goals in twenty minutes! ".

The teasing did not have the desired effects because the game was actually won by Zaniolo.

Indeed, the friend was punished with the following punishment, obviously in live social …

Galasso had to crawl across the room amid the general laughter of the Roma football fan.

Zaniolo is not new to these online games, in fact in the past he also had trouble …

“For me, the national team is very important. What happened with the Under 21 ? Di Biagio did very well to punish me and Kean, now I'll explain why.

It was two or three days that we had arrived late at the camp. Kean and I used to play on the playstation without looking at the clock …

Di Biagio did well to sanction us, I learned a lot from that lesson. I understood that I don't have to behave like this anymore. The coach gave the right signal to the rest of the group ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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