Zaniolo, choirs against his mother in Parma. She: “Less serious than those against the Neapolitans?”

Zaniolo, cori contro la mamma a Parma. Lei: "Meno gravi di quelli contro i napoletani?"

Francesca Costa, Zaniolo's mother (photo from Instagram)

ROME – Francesca Costa , the mother of Nicolò Zaniolo , was mocked again by opposing fans. This time it was the Parma curve that dedicated unpleasant choruses to it. It all started when Rome's number 22 complained about a foul not awarded by the referee. And there the Parma curve began to sing "Zaniolo's mother is a put ****". The same words shouted by Lazio fans on the occasion of the derby.

At the end of the game, through her Instagram account, the woman wanted to share a story where she wonders if such choirs are less serious than others: "But then when the problem is the disqualification only" Napoletano di me … "," Balotelli nero "," Catanzaro Gypsy! "Zaniolo's mother and all the mothers have less dignity than the Neapolitans, the Catanzaresi and Balotelli".


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