“Zaniolo but what did you do?”, The footballer’s Instagram post unleashes Roma fans

"Zaniolo ma cosa hai fatto?", il post Instagram del calciatore scatena i tifosi della Roma

"Zaniolo but what did you do?", The footballer's Instagram post unleashes Roma fans

ROME – Nicolò Zaniolo is not playing because he is injured but he has made himself talk about himself for his romantic relationships and for his posts on social networks. After the holiday in Dubai with Sara Scaperrotta , the couple took a pause for reflection.

During this break, Nicolò Zaniolo attended Elisa Visari but this new love relationship lasted very little. Shortly thereafter, Zaniolo returned with Sara Scaperrotta. All of this was communicated to us by the Roma striker himself through his highly followed Instagram stories.

Zaniolo changed the look, communicated it through a post on Instagram.

It is precisely his latest Instagram story that makes Roma fans discuss. In this post, Zaniolo took a selfie with a really strange grimace. Fans ask themselves, "Why that face?" Some ironically: "Maybe he cooked his fiancée …".

But the grimace isn't the only curious thing about his Instagram post, the other detail that jumped in the eyes of the Giallorossi fans is his change of look. Hair is always the same but Zaniolo has grown both mustache and goatee. Some liked this change of look, others decidedly less, but the important thing is that he and his sweetheart like it.

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