Zanardi, the weekend (perhaps) the slow awakening from coma

Alex Zanardi underwent a new surgery, a cranio-facial reconstruction, at the Le Scotte di Siena polyclinic.

Over the weekend, reports Il Messaggero , Zanardi's slow awakening from the pharmacological coma could begin.

As soon as conditions allow, the amount of sedation will be reduced to check if and how it will react from the neurological point of view to awakening from the induced coma.

Zanardi was operated by a multidisciplinary team led by the head of maxillofacial surgery, Paolo Gennaro.

The new operation

The operation took place on Saturday 4th July, lasted about five hours and consisted of a craniofacial reconstruction .

After surgery, the sample was transferred back to intensive care and the prognosis remains confidential.

They inform the hospital that the new operation is part of the interventions planned by the multidisciplinary team that takes care of the athlete to allow the continuation of the therapeutic path.

"The fractures were complex," explained Professor Paolo Gennaro, adding that "this required careful programming that made use of computerized, digital and three-dimensional technologies, made to measure for the patient.

The complexity of the case was rather singular, even if it is a type of fracture that we face routinely in our center ".

Zanardi, he always explains from the hospital, “is evaluated daily by the professionals who take care of him and based on this, also in agreement with the family, the Aou Senese communicates that the next bulletin will be issued as soon as there are significant variations of the athlete's clinical picture ".

The ex-pilot remains sedated, mechanically ventilated and his cardio-respiratory and metabolic conditions are stable. The neurological picture remains serious. (source ANSA, THE MESSENGER)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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