Zaira Nara defends her sister Wanda: “Icardi does not play because of Inter”

Zaira Nara difende la sorella Wanda: "Icardi non gioca per colpa dell'Inter"

Zaira Nara defends her sister Wanda: "Icardi does not play because of Inter"

BUENOS AIRES – In Italy, as in Argentina, there is no mention of anything other than the Icardi case. Especially after the statements of the coach of the Argentine national team, Scaloni, who said he cannot convene Icardi if he does not take the field with the Inter shirt. Scaloni is in the midst of the storm after the heavy defeat against Venezuela (3-1), Maradona said that seeing the Argentina national team is like watching a horror film and the fans have challenged the technical commissioner for his convocations. Argentine fans want to see Mauro Icardi and other players who have not been called by Scaloni on the field.

Zaira Nara: "Icardi doesn't play? Inter's fault not my sister Wanda "

To throw more fuel on the fire, Zaira Nara thought about it. Wanda Nara's sister defended Icardi's agent in the Argentine TV program "We can talk". According to Zaira, if Icardi doesn't play the blame, it's Inter and not his sister who instead takes care of her economic interests perfectly.

«My sister behaves as if she had been a manager for a lifetime, even to say that I should ask for more for the work I do. What happened to Mauro? It is a decision of the club, sometimes it is done to show the player a power and as if they said 'you asked for more, then I remove the captain's armband'. It comes from this, it's not my sister's fault if he doesn't play. The decisions take them together and nothing is done that he doesn't want ».

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