YouTube, Marcelo Bielsa admits: “I spy on opponents but it’s not illegal”

YouTube, Marcelo Bielsa ammette: "Spio gli avversari ma non è illegale"

YouTube, Marcelo Bielsa admits: "I spy on opponents but it's not illegal"

LEEDS (ENGLAND) – The English press and the opposing technicians have accused him of violating fair play, then Marcelo Bielsa has decided to convene a press conference to expose his point of view: "Spying on opponents is normal for me. I am a coach who takes great care of the tactics and to win the games I need to know my opponents perfectly. That's why I send my collaborators to spy on them ".

The declarations of Marcelo Bielsa reported by Sky Sport

"I called this conference because then we will have the classic meeting with the press and I thought that the issue of spies would have taken some time that I wanted to dedicate to the game – said El Loco – The club is not responsible in any way. The person has followed my orders and I am solely responsible. I watched all the rivals we played against and watched the training sessions of all our opponents before playing against them. "

"Many people have condemned the behavior by saying that it was unethical and bringing fair play into play, saying it was a scam – he continues – Many managers and former players thought that my behavior was disrespectful. I do not want to compare my behavior with previous behaviors regarding the topic. I have heard that there are other behaviors that affect fair play, but I do not want to defend myself by attacking others.

What I did is not illegal. It is not specified, it is not written in a regulation. We can discuss it, but it is not a violation of the law. I know that everything that is not illegal is not right to do. Obviously if you look at something without the authorization of the person involved, we talk about espionage. I can not say that this is the right thing to do, but I will try to explain that I did not have bad intentions. Maybe I violated the rules of fair play, I have to adapt to the rules related to the habits of English football ".

"When you look at your opponents' training, try to understand the eleven owner. Obviously it is not the information that allows you to build a formation to neutralize the opponent, but this is not a norm. I'm not trying to justify my behavior. If the authorities want to protect the league, condemning those who behave with bad intentions or influence the prestige of the league, we must respect the sanctions.

A coach has a staff of 20 people, clearly we do not define the course of the game but it bothers us when we do not work enough. This does not allow you to win the games, but clearly makes you aware of the players. Maybe I do not speak English well, but I can tell you about all the teams in the league. Our only goal was to see the positions of the Derby County players compared to the previous year: a normal way of getting to know the opponent ".

YouTube, Bielsa: "I spied on all the opponents but it's not illegal"

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