World Cup women’s football, Cirinnà celebrates with photos of Aurora Galli kissing a girl. But it’s the sister

Mondiali calcio femminile, Cirinnà esulta con foto di Aurora Galli che bacia una ragazza. Ma è la sorella

World Cup women's football, Cirinnà celebrates with photos of Aurora Galli kissing a girl. But it's the sister

ROME – Little diplomatic incident for Monica Cirinnà on the women's soccer world cup. To celebrate the victory in China of the Italians, the PD senator cheered on Facebook with a photo, that of the midfielder Aurora Galli kissing a woman in the stands. The Cirinnà perhaps does not know that that is his sister and immediately a political case mounts with the Pro Vita that accuse the senator of wanting to set the victory in favor of its struggles Lgbtqi.

Toni Brandi and Jacopo Coghe , who were the organizers of the much-talked-about World Congress of Families in Verona, rushed against the mother of the Civil Unions. "For Monica Cirinnà – they write in a statement – homosexuality is a job to be carried out".

The reference is precisely to the photo published by Cirinnà, complete with a rainbow emoticon and a little heart and the hashtag #LoveWins. According to the Pro Vita, evident signs of a misreading by the senator, so much so that they do not hesitate to call it an "epic fail".

"The senator dem – say Brandi and Coghe – took a big blunder sharing on her Facebook profile the photo of Aurora Galli kissing a woman with a lot of hashtag praising #lovewins. But the numerous comments that led back to reality, because his post is still there, were of no use. "

Indeed, Cirinnà herself defended herself by responding to numerous comments: "We know that they are sisters, it remains a beautiful gesture of affection". But it is not enough to appease the anxiety of the Pro Vita who accuse him of a "shameful" attempt to "use a sporting event that unites all Italians to make a vulgar ideological propaganda based also on a fake news".

And again: "The gaffe does not end here – they underline – because the photo even dates back to the victory of the Italian team against Jamaica and Galli herself wrote a dedication of affection to her family member by posting it on Instagram".

"But which coming out – they conclude – but which world rainbow? Leave the girls of the national football team alone and do not pursue their sexual tastes, rather just celebrate. Absurd to bring everything back to its political activity linked to LGBT lobbies even when it has nothing to do ”.

This is the senator's reply. "In front of ProVita's statements, which as usual don't miss an opportunity to keep quiet and prefer to vomit hate, I don't know whether to smile or be astonished. These gentlemen confirm with their words that, for them, there are different types of love, some worthy of consideration, others not. We knew it. They qualify on their own and would not even deserve a reply: the photo of the kiss between Aurora Galli and her sister is a beautiful image of love, and as such I shared it. Brandi and Coghe should be ashamed: any declaration of theirs has the sole effect of feeding hatred and discrimination. To them I repeat, with pride: every love is love, and for me sharing its beauty is the best answer to these dark times ". (Source: Facebook)

The World Cup women's soccer article , Cirinnà exults with photos of Aurora Galli kissing a girl. But it is the sister seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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