Women’s World Cup, Carolina Morace: “Here are the favorites”

Women's World Cup, Carolina Morace: "Here is who the favorites are" (photo Ansa)

Women's World Cup, Carolina Morace: "Here is who the favorites are" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by the "Sole 24 Ore", Carolina Morace, considered one of the strongest Italian soccer players ever and with 105 goals the best scorer in the history of the Italian national team, talks about this women's World Cup in France that so much curiosity is generating in Italy: "Who are the favorites? The usual: United States, Germany, France, England. And look at Holland as a possible surprise ".

"If I expected this success? "It cannot be denied that all of us who belong to that generation really enjoy this attention. I do not hide the fact that I feel the same emotion that I felt the same March 24, in seeing the Allianz Stadium in Turin with 40 thousand people to see Juventus-Fiorentina women ”.

"Are there any specificities in women's football compared to men's? On this aspect I do not entirely agree, because the men's soccer just this year, indeed, offered so many different styles compared: just think of the game of Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona or Manchester City. So good football has been seen. Just as women's football is beautiful, albeit less fast. But in Italy it still has to reach its full potential: we have just started to do things seriously, with the involvement of professional companies. We must not be afraid to imagine all the beauty of our sport, of our women's football ”.

The best game played with the national team?

"So many, and all beautiful. But if I have to choose one it is that of August 18, 1990, when at Wembley I made a poker of networks to England. Even today it is an absolute record, for men and women. More than medals and trophies, I prefer to remember these emotions; the only recognition I keep on sight at home is the one I was given the day I was admitted to the Hall of Fame of world football ".

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore.

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