Women’s volleyball World Cup, Italy: 3-2 at Japan, is in the semi-finals

Women's volleyball World Cup, Italy: 3-2 at Japan, is in the semi-finals

Women's volleyball World Cup, Italy: 3-2 at Japan, is in the semi-finals

TOKYO (JAPAN) – Ten out of ten. But above all, now the semi-final. The Italvolley girls make history, they beat the hosts of Japan 3-2 at the tie break (15-13 after a last throbbing point arrived with the endorsement of the Var) and enter the top four of the Japanese World Championship.

There is all this but also much more, heart, will, determination, suffering, exaltation, in the tenth success in a row that Paola Egonu and companions have delivered today to the history of Italian volleyball, returning to the eyes of the wonders of 2002. At a distance 16 years can now get another medal and dreaming is more than lawful after the show offered today by the girls of Davide Mazzanti, who could not have celebrated its 42 years, who crushed the very strong landlord after a game on the roller coaster (25-20, 22-25, 25-21, 19-25, 15-13) that saw them twice before and twice resumed.

But Italy has never given up and thanks above all to a monumental Egonu able to put 36 points well. Tomorrow meanwhile there is Serbia, also already sure of access to the semi-finals, for the record in the group. For the blue is the fourth semifinal world champion in its history after 2002, 2006 and 2014. At the start of the race Malinov has focused strongly on the central blue and the couple Chirichella-Danesi has responded well (8-4).

For some phases the landlords remained in contact, then the Italian wall took the measures and the girls of Mazzanti stretched (18-14) until they easily closed 25-20. In the second fraction Japan started strong and the blue ones slipped back (3-6).

The Japanese formation has channeled the set on its tracks, long actions and many defenses that have lost rhythm to Chirichella and companions, lackluster in reception. It was not enough the flare of Egonu, who reported the companions below (15-16) but the Asian were good at rejecting all attempts to hook and close (22-25). In the third fraction Japan was against the rediscovered blue wall: Italy has always remained in command, with the usual number 18 unstoppable blue in attack that has armored the 25-21 final.

The fourth set remained in balance until 9-11 but then the excellent service rounds of the Japanese sent in confusion the blue that eventually gave 19-25. Throbbing the tie-break with the Japanese who continued to put in difficulty with the blue service, lengthening 8-6. At the most critical moment, however, the girls of Mazzanti, after a swing of emotions (9-9, 11-11) managed to break the balance and to catch the victory and especially the qualification to the top four (15-13 ). In the semi-finals he will find one of China and the Netherlands (who will play first place in the H pool tomorrow), after 3-2 inflicted by the Dutch to the United States.

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