Women’s soccer world cup, Camillo Langone on the sheet: “Destroy the delicate femininity”

Mondiali di calcio femminile, Camillo Langone sul Foglio: "Distruggono la delicata femminilità"

Women's soccer world cup, Camillo Langone on the sheet: "Destroy the delicate femininity" (Photo Ansa)

MILAN – In 2019, when women work, mostly for lower salaries than their male counterparts (Eurostat data), and at the same time they also bring home, children and often elderly parents (Istat data), there is still someone fantastic of "delicate femininity". Camillo Langone does it on the sheet.

The columnist and writer takes his cue from the women's soccer World Cup for an attack on women's freedom to kick a ball: "In France the women's soccer World Cup is not being played, but the World Cup for sexual leveling," he writes in his Prayer, commenting on the success of the game and the public that the Italians are having, with unexpected share on TV and scores that have ensured their qualification for the first knockout round in the group.

But for Langone all this is diabolical work: "Why do you guys watch the women's football league? What then, besides disgusting Christ, you lack respect for yourself. (…) Without the overwhelming power of Gender ideology, the success of these championships that prescribe counter-natural models of strength, aggressiveness and ambition capable of destroying the most delicate femininity are not explained to the girls of the whole world ”. Words that Langone could turn to women who, after the work shift, run home, but not before having gone shopping, and then, loaded with packages, to return to the home walls that Langone would probably be deputies for. And here they clean, wash, iron, cook and look after children. Perhaps, to preserve the delicate femininity, Langone should invite men to do all this, and leave women the only burden of being angelically observed. An honest distance, of course. (Source: Il Foglio)

The Women's Football World Cup article , Camillo Langone on the Sheet: "Destroy the delicate femininity" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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