Women’s football, in 1933 Mussolini forbade it

Calcio femminile, nel 1933 Mussolini lo vietò

Women's soccer, in 1933 Mussolini forbade it (Photo Ansa)

ROME – Women's football in Italy returns to flourish and to be recognized, with Sara Gama's team winning successes at the French World Cup and landing as first in the round of the round of 16. But this was not always the case.

If in the fascist period, in 1933, the first women's team was born, still in the fascist period this sport was forbidden to women.

That year, the women's soccer group was founded in Milan, the first women's soccer club, which obviously went on the pitch in a skirt. But for the Olympic Committee, obviously all male, and above all for Benito Mussolini this sport was indecent, and so the public performances of the players were forbidden.

Only in 1946 they resumed, in Trieste, at the time part of the Free Territory managed by the American and British military authorities. From here women's football spread all over Italy, and the Italian Women's Football Federation was founded.

But even today the thought of Mussolini has its followers. Suffice it to recall the words of Carlo Tavecchio, former president of the Football Game Federation, who in 2014 said: “Until now it was believed that the woman was a handicapped subject compared to the male, on resistance, time and athletic expression. Instead we found that they are very similar. " (Source: Il Piccolo)

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