Women’s Chelsea adapts the training to the menstrual cycle of the players

Chelsea Femminile adatta gli allenamenti al ciclo mestruale delle giocatrici

Women's Chelsea has decided to adapt the training to the players' menstrual cycle

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Historical turning point for women's football. Women's Chelsea is the first team that has decided to adapt the team's training to the menstrual cycle of its players. According to what the Telegraph writes, the nutrition and physical work of individual athletes will be calibrated to the progress of menstruation. Chelsea are second in the standings but have one race less than leaders Manchester City.

Chelsea Women, manager Emma Hayes speaks: "That's why we made this decision".

This Chelsea decision is explained by its manager Emma Hayes. His declarations are reported by magazineundici.com.

“We lost the FA Cup final with Arsenal in 2016: I remember that we had a lot of players on the pitch in their menstrual period. It is fair to say that I am a coach in an area where women have always been treated as "small" men. The application of everything from rehabilitation to strength and conditioning to tactics comes from the basis of what men do.

The starting point is that we are women and, after all, we face something very different from men once a month. These players will be the first generation of women who are well educated about their menstrual cycle and will spread this knowledge as much as possible. We hope it will become a culture within each football club, so that everyone can better manage their menstrual cycles. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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