Will Leo Messi leave Barcelona? Here’s what happened with Abidal

Leo Messi, Ansa

Leo Messi (photo Ansa)

ROME – Will Leo Messi leave Barcelona after the dispute, at a distance, with DS Eric Abidal? Probably not. Almost certainly not. On the other hand, every time it's the same story. Every time you look at every look, every step, every sentence of Messi to try to find news.

The last story is known. Abidal, speaking of Valverde's exemption, had accused the players between the lines:

“Many players weren't satisfied, they didn't work very hard and there was an internal communication problem. The relationship between the coach and the locker room has always been good, but as an ex-player I can feel some sensations. I told the club what I thought and had to make a decision. "

Statements, those of Abidal, which Messi did not like (already unhappy, at least so say the Catalan newspapers, for Neymar's failure to return):

“I don't like doing these things, but I think everyone should take responsibility for their role and take on the decisions. The players for what happens on the field, and in fact we were the first to recognize when we were not well ".

And again: "When we talk about footballers, we should mention names because otherwise we end up muddying everyone with things that are said and that are not true".

A blow and response, this between Abidal and Messi, which frightened, and not a little, the Barcelona fans also worried by Messi's contract (expiring on June 30, 2021) and by the clause that allows the Argentine to be able to free himself, for free , at the end of each season.

And now? And now it's the same story. The same names. To do them is the Gazzetta dello Sport:

"In case of separation, only clubs with large financial giants behind them could move: Psg, City, United, CR7's Juve, Suning's Inter". It is already a transfer market then.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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