Will Amantino Mancini train Foggia? Fans in revolt: “We don’t want a rapist”

amantino mancini foggia

Amantino Mancini with the Inter shirt (Ansa)

FOGGIA – "At Foggia we don't want the rapist coach". Amantino Mancini , star of Rome and Inter years ago, would have been chosen by the company to sit on the Foggia bench. But fans don't like it, and not for football reasons. The Brazilian in fact, in 2011, was sentenced in first instance to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment for sexual violence and personal injury against a compatriot known to Ronaldinho in 2010.

"You have already lost two season tickets," wrote one of the many fans on Foggia Calcio's Facebook page. Roberto Felleca, Sardinian entrepreneur, who for a few days has received from the mayor of the city, Franco Landella, the sporting title to bring football back to that city, replied vaguely. "To date we have examined the professional requirements of Mancini coach", the explanation.

As reported by Franco Ordine for Il Giornale, he preferred to dribble the question ("we had guarantees from his agent that his criminal record is clean") without going back on the decision taken. "Even if it were confirmed that he was wrong at the time, he no longer repeated" the indictment worthy of a good lawyer. (Source Il Giornale).

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