Why does Cristiano Ronaldo no longer score on punishment? Dr. Rajpal Brar explains it

TURIN – In Madrid and Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo scored avalanches of goals on a free kick but Juventus has not yet succeeded in two years.

Yet Cristiano Ronaldo has kicked so many punishments so much so as to be last in the ranking of goals on a free kick .

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo no longer score on punishment ? Physiotherapist and sports physician Dr. Rajpal Brar tried to provide a scientific explanation.

During his Juventus experience, Ronaldo did not suffer serious injuries but many micro injuries that caused him prolonged physical stress.

According to Dr. Rajpal, these injuries would be one of the causes of his poor realization streak on punishment.

The other reason would be his routine before the execution of the punishment.

According to Dr. Rajpal, Ronaldo no longer has to leave with his legs wide because this would block him psychologically.

To explain this latest claim, Dr. Rajpal made the example of the NBA star DeAndre Jordan.

At first, DeAndre Jordan was among the worst free throw shooters in the NBA since he had a 41% achievement rate.

Since he changed his execution technique, after hours and hours of training, he has managed to shoot with more than 70%.

So according to Dr. Rajpal, Ronaldo has to unlock himself psychologically as DeAndre Jordan.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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