Wanda Nara, an accident at Lake Como: the watercraft was fished out

Wanda Nara, incidente al lago di Como: la moto d'acqua è stata ripescata

The watercraft fished out in Wanda Nara's Instagram stories

COMO – While Antonio Conte's Inter went on the pitch for his first friendly pre-season, Mauro Icardi was spending a family weekend in a villa on Lake Como. The Argentine striker has had to leave the Nerazzurri's retirement due to Inter's decision, he is separated at home and is awaiting transfer to another team (Juve favored Napoli).

The Argentine striker remained in the garden of the villa to play soccer with his children. Meanwhile, Wanda Nara opted for a more reckless activity and decided to take a ride on the jet ski in the company of some friends of the couple. Mauro Icardi's partner has documented everything through Instagram stories.

From the wildest fun to fear, in an Instagram story Wanda Nara is smiling in the company of her friends but in the next one, you see her jet ski while it is fished out.

Evidently Wanda had lost control of the watercraft until it ended in Lake Como. At that point relief efforts had to be made to ensure the safety of Nara and her friends and to retrieve the watercraft as can be seen in the Instagram stories of Mauro Icardi's partner.

Wanda Nara works on Icardi's future, there is talk of an exchange with Kean.

We are looking for the right formula for transferring Mauro Icardi from Inter to Juventus. The negotiation is very complicated due to several factors: Juve is the only team interested in Icardi, the two clubs are historical enemies and the situation has even worsened after the arrival of Marotta in the Nerazzurri, the two clubs give a different rating to the card of Icardi.

For some time, the two companies have been working on the exchange formula. The one with Dybala has gone down in the bud because Sarri would like to evaluate it in the first person before letting it go away, while now the one between the Argentine and Moise Kean would be taking altitude.

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