Vultur Rionero, ultra dead: supporters of Potenza leave the Catania stadium

Vultur Rionero, ultras morto: tifosi del Potenza abbandonano lo stadio di Catania

The ultrà of the dead Vultur Rionero (photo Ansa)

CATANIA – The news of the death of Vultur Rionero 's ultrà has reached Catania where the supporters of Potenza have decided to abandon the stadium as a sign of solidarity. Both Potenza and Vultur Rionero are two teams from Basilicata, there is no rivalry between them but a solid friendship. The men of the Digos of Catania escorted the supporters of Potenza to the exit of the city without any problem.

After the end of the match, the president of Potenza, Caiata, wanted to express his pain for the tragedy. His statements are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport in an article signed by Giovanni Finocchiaro:

“We play football, we fight, we clarify how I did today with the opposing coach Lucarelli, but in the face of such news we are dismayed. Relations with Vultur Rionero are excellent, beyond friendships, you can not kill yourself for the rivalries related to the ball. This is a truly sad day for all our movement. I think of this poor boy's family and my heart squeezes. "

Figc president Gabriele Gravina said he was "baffled" by the events of Potenza: "My first thoughts go to the family of the deceased boy. We wait for the dynamics of the facts to be clarified, certainly football cannot be taken as an excuse to perform acts of violence, both inside and outside the stadiums ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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