Vincenzo Iaquinta, sentenced to 2 years. He rages: “Shame. Ridiculous, they ruined me because Calabrian “VIDEO

Vincenzo Iaquinta, sentenced to 2 years. He rages: "Shame ... Ridiculous, they ruined me because Calabrian" VIDEO

Vincenzo Iaquinta, sentenced to 2 years. He rages: "Shame. Ridiculous, they ruined me because Calabrian "VIDEO

REGGIO EMILIA – From the Berlin final of 2006 to a sentence in a trial of 'Ndrangheta . The court of Reggio Emilia has imposed two years on Vincenzo Iaquinta, former Juventus striker and the National World Champion. He was involved in a case of non-custody of arms, regularly detained but left in the past in the availability of the father who could not have them because of a prefectural provision.

The parent, Giuseppe, a Calabrian businessman who moved to Reggio Emilia, was sentenced to 19 years for a mafia association. In 2015 he was arrested in the maxi-operation 'Aemilia' and also the house of Vincenzo, in Quattro Castella, was searched by the carabinieri, just for weapons. Even for him the charge was heavy and the prosecutor had asked for six years, contesting that he had facilitated, with his conduct, the criminal consortium of which the father is a part.

The aggravating circumstance has fallen in the sentence, but the sentence for the former player remains, in the first instance, written close to those of another 118 defendants in the largest organized crime trial ever held in Emilia-Romagna. "Shame, ridiculous", Vincenzo and his father shouted while the judges were still reading the device. Then, out quickly from the bunker room, Iaquinta released:

"The name 'ndrangheta we do not even know what it is in our family. It is not possible. We will go on. They ruined my life on nothing because they are Calabrian, because they are from Cutro ", he said, recalling the World Cup won and saying" proud of being Calabrian. We – he added – we did not do anything because with the 'ndrangheta we have nothing to do with it. I am suffering like a dog for my family and children without having done anything ".

Iaquinta was a physically strong but also versatile attacker. A dowry particularly appreciated by Marcello Lippi who made it one of the landmarks of the Azzurri who in 2006 won the world championship in Germany, where Iaquinta played five of the seven games that brought Italy to raise the cup, scoring a goal in the game debut with Ghana.

In the final with France entered the second half in place of Totti, but did not kick the penalties. He was appointed official, like all the other world champions in the world, by the President of the Republic. In the national team he played 40 games and made six goals, taking part also in the world championship in South Africa. In Serie A he played mainly with the Udinese and Juventus jerseys.

His defender, Professor Carlo Taormina, had initially cited as former witnesses also the former team-mates in Juventus Bonucci and Marchisio, but then renounced to hear them. 'Aemilia' is not only Iaquinta. But it is the judicial confirmation, with a further sentence that is added to the ruling of the Court of Cassation a few days ago, that the 'Ndrangheta in Emilia-Romagna was infiltrated.

The group linked to the Cosca Grande Aracri was autonomous and organized and the judges, after a two-week council chamber closed in the Reggio Emilia police station, inflicted 118 sentences in ordinary and another 24 in abbreviated form for over 1,500 years in total prison.

"Aemilia opens the track to other processes, as happened for the crimes of the nineties, thanks to the collaborations of the repentants. But there are other profiles that deserve investigations, the investigations do not end, "said the head prosecutor of Bologna Giuseppe Amato, also referring to forty suspected false testimony for which the court has deferred the proceedings to the power of attorney.

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