Vincent Candela at dinner with the actor Edoardo Leo but what a gaffe on Instagram …

Candela a cena con l'attore Edoardo Leo ma che gaffe su Instagram...

Vincent Candela at dinner with the actor Edoardo Leo. But what a blunder in the caption of the post on Instagram …

ROME – The former Italian champion with Rome in 2001 Vincent Candela dined with the Roman actor Edoardo Leo, protagonist in Ferzan Ozpetek's latest film "The goddess of luck". Candela wanted to celebrate this moment with a post on Instagram but made a mistake in the caption by crippling the actor's name:

" Thanks to Edouardo and my staff for the nice evening". Despite this mistake, the like of Francesco Totti, his great friend and former teammate at the time of Rome , has arrived.

Totti also liked the post of Candela with Leo. This time has not sparked controversy.

This time, Francesco Totti's like did not cause discussion. In the past, the former Roma number ten has been criticized for the likes of the post against Florenzi, the post where Vieri celebrated Lazio and the post where Buffon celebrated the victory of Juventus which cost Roma the elimination from the Italian Cup.

Despite the criticisms received, Totti did not comment on the likes put to Bobo Vieri and Gigi Buffon while he wanted to clarify his position on the like on the post against Florenzi (who was then actually sold to Valencia, Spain, on loan) .

The former Roma captain categorically denied the like against Florenzi: “I would like to specify that I never liked that comment in bad taste about Alessandro Florenzi. I have deep respect for him as a friend and footballer. In particular, Roma fans should know. What I am reading in articles and on social networks saddens me. Totti ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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