Viktorija Mihajlovic caught with Petagna, the footballer and Michelle Sander broke up

Viktorija Mihajlovic beccata con Petagna, il calciatore e Michelle Sander si sono lasciati

Viktorija Mihajlovic caught with Petagna, the footballer and Michelle Sander broke up (photo from social networks with the daughters of the Bologna coach)

MILAN – Andrea Petagna once again at the center of gossip. The market hit of Napoli ended his romantic relationship with the beautiful Brazilian model Michelle Sander but, according to radio gossip, he would have already consoled himself abundantly with Viktorija Mihajlovic , one of the wonderful daughters of the Bologna coach Sinisa.

Viktorija Mihajlovic: “Andrea Petagna? At the moment we are only friends but in the future who knows … ".

Andrea Petagna and Viktorija Mihajlovic were caught while walking, in affectionate attitudes, through the streets of central Milan. On the subject, the daughter of the Bologna coach said on social media: "We are currently dating as friends, who knows in the future". Petagna, however, has not yet made official statements. At this moment, his only thought is the safety of Spal before moving to Naples next summer.

Recently, Viktorija told herself during an interview with Verissimo: "As a little girl when they asked me what I was afraid of, I replied 'that my dad gets sick'. When this thing happened, I don't remember what reaction I had, I just thought that the nightmare I had had since I was a child was coming true.

We wanted to thank everyone because we received a wave of affection and warmth that helped us a lot. We also made friends in the hospital with children of our age and with sick children. It is a very bad disease, but together we will be able to do it. Never give up. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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