“Vidal drunk”, the footballer under accusation for video published on Instagram

Social storm on Vidal for a video published in his Instagram stories. According to fans who criticize him, the Chilean footballer is drunk.

Arturo Vidal has published a direct in his Instagram stories that has made people discuss on social networks. According to the fans who threw themselves at him, in this video the Chilean footballer would be drunk because he would mumble disconnected sentences.

The Chilean footballer sent these allegations back to the sender and regularly showed up for today's Barcelona training session showing that he is in good shape.

But his future in Spain remains in the balance and Conte's Inter remains in ambush because the Chilean footballer has been interested in the Nerazzurri for a long time.

Vidal tops the list of Inter's transfers with Edin Dzeko. Conte has wanted these players since last year but has not yet managed to get them.

In reality I am not at the top of this transfer market list because the number one goal, which is currently 'secret', is Lionel Messi.

But what does Vidal want to do? In Barcelona he is very well but at the same time he demands a starring role.

The Blaugrana do not give him guarantees from this point of view so Vidal would like, and not even a little, a transfer to Milan to return to being trained by his old master Antonio Conte.

Anyway, here's the YouTube video that would show Arturo Vidal drunk.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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