Vidal between Inter and Juventus? Not according to Medel: “He wants to play Boca”

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – In South America, the future of Arturo Vidal holds the bench .

The footballer is leaving Barcelona and has been approached with some insistence to Inter and Juventus.

Conte has been trying to take him for months while in case of transfer to Turin it would be a return.

The Inter coach wants him to fix his midfield.

Conte has already worked successfully with Vidal in the days of Juventus.

A return to Juventus is more difficult.

Juventus and Barcelona have started talking in the context of the negotiation for Pjanic.

Juve wants Arthur in exchange for the Bosnian midfielder but Barcelona makes the wall offering only one between Rakitic and Vidal.

While talking about Vidal only from a Juventus and Inter perspective, his national team-mate Medel has revealed what the Barcelona player's true desire is.

According to what Medel told Radio Continental, Vidal wants to go and play at Boca Juniors where he would take the place of retired De Rossi.

Medel's declarations are reported by

" Arturo Vidal is dying to play Boca Juniors, " revealed the Pitbull .

“Arturo would like to play there, with or without me.

He loves Boca and follows him on social media.

It is the only club that follows in Argentina and is dying to go there.

Boca has a size in Europe that you can't even imagine. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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