Vertonghen is overwhelmed by Onana and accuses the VIDEO of the case

Vertonghen viene travolto da Onana e accusa malore in campo, il VIDEO

Vertonghen is overwhelmed by Onana and accuses illness in the field, the VIDEO (from YouTube)

LONDON – It couldn't have been worse. Tottenham, orphaned of the injured Son and Kane, lost at home to Ajax and lost Vertonghen through injury. The Belgian defender was overwhelmed by an exit by Ajax goalkeeper Onana and, after losing a lot of blood, he suffered an illness in the field that forced him to change. In his place, at 39 ', Sissoko entered the field. Ajax beat Tottenham 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final played in London. Donny van de Beek's goal at the 15th minute of the first half was decisive. The return match is scheduled for 8 May in Amsterdam.

Vertonghen replaced after illness in the field caused by clash of game with Onana.

A step away from the final – Ajax wins then also in London in the new Tottenham stadium, after having done the same in Real Madrid and Juventus, and now he sees Madrid and the Wanda Metropolitano, the plant that will host the decisive challenge to assign the Champions of 2019. The road of the Ten Hag team, now winner thanks to a network at 15 ′ of the excellent Van de Beek (probably the best in the field) started last summer, with the preliminaries, and now it's about to arrive at the final stage.

Meanwhile, the Amsterdam line-up continues to brush copyright football, reviving at times the total one of 'ancestors' of the caliber of Cruijff and Neeskens. He also had a level stacker who knows where he would arrive, but perhaps a striker of that type would not be functional to a mechanism of fine speakers who sometimes give the impression of wanting to enter the opponent's goal with the ball.

Tonight's victory on the Spurs field came after a monumental first half, dominated or almost with Tottenham, lacking in two fundamentals like the injured Kane and the disqualified Son, who seemed to have lost the compass as happened to Real and Juve, and a recovery in which the home team tried to recapture the result by pushing forward but also risking the reply of the rivals: and in fact there was little that, at the end of another good action, the Ajax it doubled with Neres' conclusion which ended up on the post.

And this even if in the second half the aggressiveness and determination of Tottenham had made the Dutch lose freshness and bravado, which however have also shown that they know how to suffer. The decisive goal arrives at 15 ', with a verticalization by Ziyech who frees Van de Beek who pretends to Lloris and sends him out of time for the guest network. Go ahead even after the video-referee checks for an offside that is not there. In the Spurs the ball is often 'gravity' from Llorente's parts, but it is of little use because those of the Ajax are good at pressing all-round opponents, and in fact there is almost no game.

Van de Beek goes close to the 0-2, after a triangle at the limit, but the Dutch prefer to kick and find Lloris instead of switching to a better stationed Neres. On the other side Llorente, headed, does not go far from the equal goal. Then you experience moments of real fear for Vertonghen, inadvertently struck by Onana on the way out and by comrade Alderweireld on the development of a punishment. He is helped by the medical staff and gives the impression of fainting, perhaps because of the great blood lost after the suspected fracture of the nasal septum.

Ajax is not at ease on his opponents set pieces and Alderweireld sends a little high. In the second half Tottenha, much better but Ali continues not to record and Lucas Moura is very fast but not very concrete. So in the end the team that deserved the most wins and at Tottenham all that remains is to hope to overturn the field factor in turn, next Wednesday at Johan Cruijff Arena: it will not be easy at all, but if he wants to go to the final he must definitely try.
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The video from YouTube with the illness accused by Jan Vertonghen after being overwhelmed by the Ajax goalkeeper Onana during the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

The Vertonghen article is overwhelmed by Onana and accuses illness in the field, the VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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