Verona van de Leur, the former champion of artistic gymnastics is a red-light star

Verona van de Leur, l'ex campionessa di ginnastica artistica è una star a luci rosse

Verona van de Leur

ROME – From champion of artistic gymnastics to star of the films for adults. It is the story of Verona van de Leur , 33 years old from the Netherlands, who entered the world of red light in 2011 after his competitive career, which in 2002 was awarded the sport of the year in the Netherlands, was coming to an end.

"It was an impossible offer to give up – we read in the autobiographical book" Simply Verona "published in 2014 and now published in the English version – Such a quantity of money that would have allowed me to have everything I had always wanted in my life".

In 2008 the 25-year-old Van de Leur began his decline in artistic gymnastics. So he took the decision to leave the sport, a choice that however was not supported by the family, with which relations gradually deteriorated. Verona, expelled from the house, denounced her parents for appropriating her earnings. Once the lawsuit was won, I soon squandered the money between hotels and luxury. The young woman was therefore forced to live in her car for some time but was unable to find a job.

Desperation led her to blackmail a married woman, caught in the car intimately with her lover, asking for 3,000 euros in exchange for the photos. Reported and arrested, she spent 72 days in prison. In 2011 the "impossible to refuse" offer of the world of adult films arrived.

Verona, 8 years later, declared that it was ready to leave the red light industry to return to compete in gymnastics.


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