Verona-Juventus, Kumbulla goal canceled by VAR. Here because

Verona-Juventus, gol Kumbulla annullato dal VAR. Ecco perché

Verona-Juventus, the referee canceled Kumbulla's goal after consulting the VAR. The player was offside (Dazn freeze from social media)

VERONA – A great slow-motion episode during the first half of the Serie A advance on Saturday between Hellas Verona and Juventus. At 21 ', Kumbulla had brought his team to the advantage with a touch from two steps after a cross directly from a free kick.

Verona-Juventus, goal canceled in Kumbulla. Without VAR it would not have been possible.

The referee canceled his network after consulting the VAR. It was not a simple decision because the referee made it after three minutes of interruption.

The photo of the article is the one that allowed the referee and his assistants, who were following the match from the var room, to cancel the goal. This image was streamed live by DAZN. From this frame you can see how Kumbulla, at the time of the winning touch, was ahead of the defensive line formed by the Juventus players.

So it was offside. A millimeter offside that was tracked down by the referee and his assistants after three minutes of consultation with the VAR. An arbitration error avoided only by technology. The VAR is exactly for this, without technology, the referee would surely have made a mistake in his decision, sparking a lot of controversy after the game.

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