Ventura, the new coach of Salerno, has returned from two failures

Ventura nuovo allenatore della Salernitana, è reduce da due fallimenti

Ventura is the new coach of Salernitana, she has just returned from two failures (photo ANSA / AP Photo / Luca Bruno)

SALERNO – It's official: Giampiero Ventura starts from Salernitana. The former coach of the national team , after the brief experience of last year at Chievo Verona, returns to coaching, starting from the B series.

The Ligurian coach has signed an annual contract with an option with the Campania club of co-owners Claudio Lotito and Marco Mezzaroma who have chosen to entrust the bench to the expert coach.

With regards to Leonardo Menichini, who took over the last day of the regular season, had won the play-out with Venezia, triggering the clause that provided for automatic renewal in the event of a stay among the cadets. But the company has however chosen to turn the page, thanking the technician "for the commendable work done and profuse professionalism", wishing him "the best fortunes" (source: Ansa).

Giampiero Ventura has decided to go down in category to get back in the game. Inevitably it had little market after collecting two consecutive failures. After failing to qualify for the World Cup with the Italian national football team, Ventura had tried to get back into the game with Chievo Verona, a team that was last without any chance of salvation, but the experience in Verona was as brief as it was bankrupt.

After his farewell, Ventura had been heavily attacked by Chievo Verona captain Sergio Pellissier with the following statements: "In this post Instagram there is all the anger I have right now. A heavy summer with the capital gains problem, a beginning of the season to forget and to say that there is never an end to the worst of the resignation of a coach that from the first moment he arrived if he wanted to go already.

Crazy!!! In 22 seasons as a professional I thought I had seen everything but I have to admit that there is always something new. However at Chievo we are used to always being in trouble and we will come out with our heads held high to the face of all those who are having a good time behind us.

You can't get something in life without fighting there would be no taste for it? Let's start again from scratch and this time we will be even stronger  . Those who love this team cannot just abandon it because things go wrong, this is not how it is done, you don't do like Ventura, you win and you lose together as you should be in a team. Never give up until the end ".

The new Ventura coach of the Ventura article , is back from two failures seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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