Ventura, resignation after the first point. But when it failed with Italy …

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Ventura, resignation after the first point. But when it failed with Italy …

ROME – "I do not resign …", said Gian Piero Ventura a year ago after the night of World Bankruptcy at the San Siro, when Italy failed to overcome Sweden in the play-offs. A choice that made discussing.

A year after the resignation, this time as Chievo coach, become, this time, the way to leave the scene after a choice, evidently dictated by the rush to return to the protagonist. A choice that tastes like resignation.

A move that in reality the most beloved coach of Italy has been brooding for days: behind there would be personal issues, a real complete psychological breakdown with himself. This led Ventura to the sensational decision, whispered to his deputy Sullo during the second half of Chievo-Bologna and communicated to the team just after the triple whistle. "I do not feel like going ahead, I resign", these are the words with which Ventura opened the door of the locker room and left everyone behind.

Behind there are many factors. Not problematic with the players, not even cracks in the relationship with the company, despite a disastrous start from the point of view of the results as the game (1 point, just in the last game, and three losses). Ventura succumbed psychologically, felt too much pressure.

He hears everyone against. He feels a country that does not forgive the clamorous and unforgivable World debacle. It is seen as a target. The former coach has preferred to take a step back.

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