Ventola: “If I had been born in the nineties, I would have been a national team owner”

MILAN – Nicola Ventola had a good career because he played in the years where the best players in the world played in Italy but he could have done even more without injuries.

Nicola Ventola spoke about these topics during an interview he released to Sky Sport.

The declarations of the former Inter striker are reported by Francesco Persili for

“I have no regrets.

I underwent nine surgeries and lost elasticity and power, which were my characteristics.

For this reason, at some point my career was no longer at the top levels.

At 24 I could quit, I stayed a year, nobody wanted to operate in Italy and I went to Colorado.

I could have done more but fate is not controlled

If I had been born in the nineties would I have scored at least 20 national team matches? I think so too…

I see myself in Gallo Belotti.

But he scores more than me …

A player who has helped me throughout my career? The unfortunate Klas Ingesson.

It was my captain in Bari.

A leader, a fighter of few words but who gave me a lot.

At the time, I was sticking out.

I was 18 …

Football must try to start again.

Technologies and training centers can help you get started safely … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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