Velletri, madness during the derby: hammered on the head of a fan, he is hospitalized in red code

Velletri, follia durante il derby: martellate in testa ad un tifoso, è ricoverato in codice rosso

The release of Vjs Velletri after the unpleasant episodes during the derby against Real Velletri (from Facebook)

VELLETRI – Bad episode of violence on the sidelines of the football derby between Real Velletri and Vjs Velletri. A 40-year-old fan, who had gone to the stadium with his disabled dad and children, was hit several times in the head by a minor who used a sharp metal hammer as a weapon used as an emergency exit from buses.

The 40-year-old was immediately transported to the hospital in red code where he is still under observation. The juvenile assailant would have already been identified by the police and now faces a very heavy charge.

The release of Vjs Velletri after this unpleasant episode.

After this unpleasant episode, Vjs Velletri issued the following press release:

“Vjs Velletri Calcio, on the sidelines of the derby against Real Velletri, is keen to make some clarifications regarding its corporate philosophy and the events that have taken place. Two VJS fans were injured, one for a hammer inflicted by a self-styled fan of the other team and the other because he was pushed and dropped to the ground (he will be operated on).

The police present on the spot have initiated a judicial procedure and justice will run its course, in the meantime the club and the president Marco Silvagni dissociate themselves from these people and from all the fomenters of hatred, verbal and physical violence, by quarrelsome attitudes and not suitable for a football game.

The goal of Vjs Velletri, beyond the sporting result which then gave free rein to the frustrations of some characters, was to create a sports party dedicated to city football. This is demonstrated by the hundred children from the Soccer School who attended, who had to attend an unworthy show, the many parents who had decided to spend a different Sunday in the stands with their children and cheering, the right ingredients for a football game.

Everything else does not belong to us and we do not want to deal with anyone who intends to play the ball in this way. In this regard, a football twinning between the two teams will take place next Sunday during the trip against Real Rocca di Papa with another sports party in the stands.

The event with the Real Rocca di Papa which will be called the festival of friendship and sport and has already been scheduled for twenty days, will involve the football schools that will accompany the players of the first team on entering the field. The mission that Vjs Velletri wants to pursue is to aggregate, entertain, win and above all demonstrate – as happened yesterday – that the city loves its team and actively participates in the vicissitudes of the AC Milan club.

Still dismayed and heartbroken for how the derby ended, we express our solidarity with the two injured fans and continue on our way convinced that football will win in its purest and most genuine form, starting from the children, and not vandalism sneaky of certain pseudo-supporters or pseudo-leaders ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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