Vardy, kick in the face of Mustafi during Arsenal-Leicester: he left the mark of the cleats

Real battle between Leicester (fourth with 59 points) and Arsenal (less than nine from the former team of Claudio Ranieri). At stake was the last useful place to participate in the next edition of the Champions League. During the race, ended on the result of one by one, Vardy trimmed a kick in the face of Mustafi leaving the mark of the cleats.

The referee did not notice anything since it allowed Vardy to end the game without even a yellow card ( here the video ). Mustafi, on the other hand, visibly nervous about taking a kick in the face, was cautioned shortly thereafter.

As said, the game ended on the result of one by one. At this moment, Leicester is fourth in the standings with 59 points while Arsenal is eighth in the ranking with just 50 points.

For Arsenal it is a failure season. The Gunners have never been able to enter the fight for the Scudetto (already won by Liverpool) and now they are at serious risk of failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Leicester, on the other hand, is the real surprise of the championship. Of course the team is not repeating the deeds of the Ranieri era but it is still qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League. It would be an incredible result for a team that was predicted in the safety zone at the beginning of the championship.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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