Var, Rizzoli: “Roma-Inter? It was a mistake. We have to improve the protocol “

Var, Rizzoli: "Roma-Inter, it was a mistake, we have to improve the protocol" (photo Ansa)

Var, Rizzoli: "Roma-Inter? It was a mistake. We have to improve the protocol "(photo Ansa)

ROME – "There is little to say, it was a mistake. The thing to stress is that a protocol should not be attacked, so many times there are human errors, surely we will work to improve ". So the designator of the referees, Nicola Rizzoli, on the episode that has created so much controversy in Roma-Inter. Regarding the conduct of the referee Rocchi and Var Fabbri, he cut short: "The analysis of the errors is up to me and I will do it".

"The errors, once defined, are used to understand what to improve – said Rizzoli -. We have a project from the technological point of view, and the improvements to be made to the regulation ".

"Did they admit the mistake? And according to you, how do you say no – explained the president of the AIA Nicchi journalists, on the sidelines of the Grand Gala of Football Aic, which also participates in Rocchi, silently paraded on the red carpet -. It is a mistake, unfortunately, we are sorry because it is a very avoidable mistake, it was not a difficult situation ".

"Referee and Var do not communicate? It's not true. I ask myself only because they did not do it yesterday. I spoke with them, of course. What they say? That we must work to avoid these avoidable mistakes, "says Nicchi. In the morning the president of the Hague called the episode unacceptable. "It is useless to repeat it – he observes – sin, we are very sorry, it is a mistake that could be avoided. It went like this. We need to turn the page, keep working and do our best to stop it. We will work there ". Nicchi then commented on the introduction of the Var in the Champions League from the second round. "It's a good and good news – he stressed -. It means that the tool is very valid, we must do everything to eliminate those 5, 6, 10 errors that can happen ".

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