Var cancels two goals at Botafogo, goalkeeper Gatito Fernández destroys the monitor with kicks VIDEO

Botafogo goalkeeper Gatito Fernández kicked out the var monitor because two goals were disallowed for his team.

Gatito Fernández has lost his mind. The Botafogo goalkeeper destroyed the var monitor with kicks because two goals were disallowed for his team.

But that's not all, with those two goals, Botafogo would have drawn the game. Without those goals, however, Gatito's team lost two to nil against Porto Alegre's Internacional.

It is the first time, since the var has existed, that a player reacts in this way to the decisions of the 'slow motion on the pitch'.

In Italy the var sparked a sea of ​​controversy but no player had ever gone that far.

Usually in our league, the insiders protested, more or less vehemently, in the ritual press conferences after the games.

Sometimes they protest in the field by remedying expulsions but never with violent gestures.

Obviously the controversial decisions of the var also trigger the fury of the fans but usually they are limited to posts, more or less offensive, on social networks.

Sometimes banners were also displayed to protest against the var but no footballer, before now, had ever destroyed the monitor with kicks (source, YouTube ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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