Valderrama with straight hair, the new look makes discussion on Instagram PHOTO

Valderrama capelli lisci foto instagram

Valderrama posted a photo with straight hair on Instagram

ROME – Valderrama so you've never seen it. The legend of Colombian football , loved not only for its class but also for its thick curly hair, showed off a look never seen before for the advertising spot for Codere, a multinational company based in Spain that produces machines and terminals to play in bingo halls and betting offices.

Valderrama jokes about it: "It's all my wife's fault …".

Valderrama posted the photo on Instagram with his new look. The hedgehogs are no longer there because they have been replaced by straight hair that has left its fans speechless.

Valderrama joked about it saying that the "fault" is his wife Elvira Redondo: " Today, my little Elvira Redondo, it occurred to me to wash my hair ." His photo received more than 100 thousand likes on Instagram and received many comments. Here are the most interesting ones.

Mauro C. wrote: "Everything okay? However the legend always remains a legend ”. His wife Elvira Redondo wrote: "I love you my love". Chiti wrote: "He is simply the best in everything!"

Rolando wrote: "The Master is an example. He is always in a good mood and gives us posts that are unique! ”. Andres C. wrote: "Captain, what's the matter with you? However I would say very well … ".

Palacio wrote: "With this hair, you look like Mufasa of the Lion King". Leonardo R. wrote: "With this hair you can't look at yourself but we love you all the same and you always remain our idol."

Valderrama is one of the most popular footballers in the history of Colombian football. As he also wrote in his official Instagram profile, he participated in three World Championships "Italia 1990", "Usa 1994" and "Francia 1998". With the Colombian national team he played a total of 111 games, scoring 11 goals. With the club teams he played 625 games making 62 goals.

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