US national footballers ready to kneel during the hymn, Trump furious: “I won’t watch their games anymore”

WASHINGTON (UNITED STATES) – Donald Trump has definitively broken with the world of American football.

After the now famous quarrels with the star of the women's selection Megan Rapinoe , here is the one against US Soccer after the modification of the national anthem policy.

The US federation has in fact declared that it will no longer force players to remain standing during " The Star-Spangled Banner ".

This means that the players of the United States National Team will be able to kneel, in protest, as done by Colin Kaepernick.

This gesture has cost dear to the football player since he has been without a team for four years but has now returned to close relevance after the killing of George Floyd by a policeman.

To combat racism, the African American community has decided to kneel in protest.

This gesture has been taken up by many athletes all over the world (we have several examples in the German Bundesliga …).

Kaepernick was practically barred from the NFL despite being a star in this league.

In fact, when the football player protested against the abuses suffered by African Americans he found himself without a team and the NFL clubs were forced not to hire him anymore.

Trump and his hostility towards the "enemies" of the world of football.

Now Trump would like to reserve similar treatment to the United States Football Federation .

The truth is that his relationship with this federation, which in any case in the United States does not have much weight, has always been bad for the disagreements we mentioned earlier with Rapinoe.

In fact, when we talk about football in America we mean almost exclusively the female one because it is the only one that achieves success.

In the United States, boys play basketball, American football and baseball, football is above all a women's sport.

Trump is in a rage because this decision by US Soccer came at the hottest moment of the African American community 's protest over the death of George Floyd.

Not only the United States National Football Team, the basketball world has also started to move.

After football, the world of basketball could also arise soon. Almost all NBA stars are African American.

Many of them protested in the street, others are trying to boycott the recovery of the NBA.

Among the players who say "no" to the resumption of the championship are champions of the caliber of Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard.

According to these players, resuming would mean playing the game of racists.

According to Irving, there is a will to get the NBA back to distract people from the real problem of racism that afflicts the African American community.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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