Uefa ranking, Italy overtakes Germany despite Bayern’s Champions triumph

The Uefa ranking returns to smile at Italy. Our country has overtaken Germany despite Bayern's Champions triumph.

Good news for Italian football. In the latest Uefa ranking published by the highest European football authority, Italy overtook Germany and moved to third place in the standings.

Better than Italy, only England and Spain. England have 17 points more than Italy, while Spain leads this particular ranking with 19 points ahead of our country.

Italy has moved to the lowest step of the podium thanks to the good European results of Inter, in the Europa League, and Atalanta, in the Champions League.

But it is Germany is still very close to Italy, just one point away, thanks to Bayern Munich's triumph in the Champions League.

And not only because Leipzig in the Champions League and Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League also performed well in Europe.

Leipzig made it to the Champions League semi-final before surrendering to PSG, while Leverkusen were eliminated in the Europa League Final Eight by Inter.

Here are the top ten positions of the Uefa Ranking. Italy is in third place in the standings after Spain and England.

1) Spain [7/7] 80.640
2) England [7/7] 78.497
3) ITALY [7/7] 61.438 +1
4) Germany [7/7] 60.641 -1
5) France [6/6] 50.165
6) Portugal [5/5] 39.749
7) Russia [6/6] 35.382
8) Belgium [5/5] 31.300
9) Netherlands [5/5] 30,800 +1
10) Austria [5/5] 29.125 +2 (source Numeri Calcio ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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