Udinese-Milan 0-1 highlights and report cards, Romagnoli decisive VIDEO GOL at 97 ‘

Udinese-Milan 0-1 highlights, Romagnoli VIDEO GOL decisivo al 97'

Udinese Milan 0-1 highlights, Romagnoli VIDEO GOL decisive at 97 '(Ansa)

UDINE, DACIA ARENA – Udinese-Milan 0-1, goals: Alessio Romagnoli 97 ' . Match valid as a postponement of the eleventh day of the Italian Serie A football league.

The Udinese-Milan scoreboard 0-1

Udinese Milan 0-1 (0-0). Udinese (5-3-1-1): Musso 7; Opoku 4.5, Ekong 6.5, Samir 5.5; Ter Avest 6 (38 'Nuytinck 4 v, Mandragora 6.5, Fofana 6, Stryger 6, Pussetto 6.5 (38' st Balic), De Paul 5.5 (47 'D'Alessandro sv); Lasagna 6 (C) (22 Scuffet, 88 Nicolas, 2 Wague, 72 Barak, 11 Behrami, 14 Micin, 16 Machis, 21 Pontisso, 99 Balic) All .: Velazquez 6.

Milan: (4-4-2): G. Donnarumma 6; Abbot 6, Zapata 6, Romagnoli 7 (C), Rodriguez 5.5; Suso 6.5, Kessie 6, Bakayoko 5.5, Laxalt 6 (28 'st Borini); Cutrone 5, Higuain 6 (34 'pt Castillejo). (Available for 25 Reina, 90 A. Donnarumma, 4 Mauri, 12 Counts, 16 Bertolacci, 18 Montolivo, 22 Musacchio, 56 Simic, 77 Halilovic, 95 Bellanova). All .: Gattuso 6.5.

Referee: Di Bello di Brindisi 5.5 Angles: 7 to 5 for Milan Recovery: 3 'and 5'. Expelled: Nuytinck for foul play Ammoniti: Samir, Kessie, Ekong, Zapata, Pussetto for foul play, Romagnoli for non-regulatory behavior.

Var: 1. Spectators: about 25 thousand ** THE GOL ** – 52 'st: Udinese lose ball in midfield, Suso discards half defense and serves to Romagnoli that sticks all'angolino.

The Udinese-Milan highlights 0-1

97 'Milan Goal. Alessio Romagnoli decided at 97 '. Opuku lost a ball in midfield and started the Milan counterattack. After a dense network of passes, Suso serves Romagnoli who beats Musso with a left. Three precious points for the Rossoneri in qualifying for the next Champions League.

95 ', red card for Nuytinck. The Udinese footballer has scuttled from behind Castillejo.

73 'Gattuso replaces an exhausted Laxalt and puts Fabio Borini in the field instead. One more attacker to try to win the game.

64 'Yellow card also for Ekong. The Udinese defender has spread Castillejo and has deserved this penalty. Great impact on the match of the former Villarreal striker.

61 'Castillejo shoots, Musso is good at deflecting the ball in a corner.

56 'Pussetto crosses the ball. Kevin Lasagna was on the trajectory but he did not get there by a whisker. Donnarumma is saved.

48 'Franck Kessié receives a yellow card. Former Atalanta footballer has failed De Paul in a foul manner.

45 'End of the first half, balanced game at the Dacia Arena. Teams stationary on zero to zero.

35 'Tile for Milan. Outside Higuain due to injury, Castillejo entered the field. Higuain left the camp walking but visibly aching in the lower back.

30 'Suso himself was beaten by the free kick. Insidious but uneduceable shot, Musso deflected the ball into a corner.

29 'Large number of Suso. The Spanish striker overcomes Dribbling De Paul and Samir, the Brazilian spreads and remedies an inevitable yellow card.

21 'Kevin Lasagna crosses down for Ter Avest, but the ball is not out. Udinese wasted a huge chance for goals.

16 'Samir's cross from the left, Kevin Lasagna's turn and ball out of a whisker to beaten Donnarumma.

13 'Cutrone launch for Suso. The Spanish striker overcomes Samir in dribbling and a shot kick but the ball goes out of a whisker.

10 'Pussetto's powerful end from the distance, Donnarumma does not trust the ball and deflects the ball into a corner kick.

6 'Higuain's sudden turn, ball out of a breath. Musso had remained motionless.

Udinese (4-4-1-1): Musso; Ter Avest, Opoku, Ekong, Samir; Pussetto, Mandragora, Fofana, Stryger Larsen; De Paul; Lasagna. All: Velazquez
Milan (4-4-2): Donnarumma, Abate, Zapata, Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Suso, Kessié, Bakayoko, Laxalt; Higuain, Cutrone. All: Gattuso

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